Pastor Mimi Hagiwara

Welcomes you to her Center of Peace in Hiroshima, Japan.

This was the very city where the first atomic bomb was dropped, ending World War 2, one of the worst recent tragedies of mankind.

God led Pastor Mimi to establish a church right there which has been a huge blessing to the Japanese as well as people from several nations. Many have found the Spiritual Peace that they were seeking and many more have found answers to Life’s issues through her teachings and service.

God has given Pastor Mimi a passion to heal the sick in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and she has seen many miracles take place, here and abroad.

Pastor Mimi has lived a most unusual life so far. Born and brought up In Tokyo, her early education was in Europe.

When Mimi was at the age of 2-she still remembers why she was not able to speak,fluently to the adults, though she understood everything they spoke.

Every moment was a journey and so many questions to why people =(adults) talk in contrary to what they think.

It was a spiritual gift given from God,which she didn’t realize till the age of 5,
when she started to hear voices from God.

Every night she would gaze up to the stars with tears repeating.
“I love you…I love you…Daddy…where are you…?…”

One night she heard a deep gentle voice, echoing in the sky.

God : “I love You daughter…I love You….Look… I made these stars for you…do you like it?”
Mimi: “Daddy! Oh yes! I Love it! It’s so beautiful!”
Her tears burst out with joy. the conversation communication with her beloved Father God started…(Pastor Mimi was not welcomed by the earthly father,which the man who never admitted her as his child)

One of the most remarkable things about Mimi is her many experiences with God and His angels in Heaven. She is one of those few people who has been allowed to visit that wonderful place many times.

When people ask her why she has been given this unusual privilege, she replies that God wants every people to learn that there is a real Heaven and also a Hell, which is terrifying beyond description,

These many experiences line up with what the Bible teaches about Heaven, Hell, the End Times. She is in the process of putting her experiences down in a book.

Heaven is a breath taking Kingdom.A Beauty you can never imagine!

Which is why she is passionate about helping people everywhere in finding Father God, who is so loving, that He offered His only Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice upon the cross for the sins of mankind.

But accepting the Lord Jesus as one’s Savior is only the doorway into the incredible world of ‘the Kingdom of God.’ There is so much to be learned about that kingdom and its ways that she and her team love to go regularly to nations in Africa and Asia to share the beauty of Heaven to them. Because God’s Kingdom is the Power, she always demonstrates in the Super Natural sphere, walking with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit giving out miraculous healing, and people being set free from evil spirits and curses,life-long bondage broken off.

God led her to a mountain area in Northern Hiroshima Japan, where she planted a small church with the help of a faithful friends. The ministry grew and has now become a world wide International center where guests come from all over.

Mimi and her sons, Enoch(Left) and Elijah(Right)

Having worked as a professional singer in Tokyo, she now uses her awesome God-given voice to worship God. People come from afar to attend the worship service at her meetings just to have the sweet experience of enjoying God’s presence. The Bible says that God enjoys the praises of His people and that He descends into that gathering just to be with His sons and daughters. When God’s presence comes, all kinds of supernatural things can take place. The touch of the Holy Spirit which sets people free. Feel the Breath of the Holy Spirit! An experience of an ever lasting peace and joy!

The wonderful people of her community follows her in serving people everywhere. They accompany her on her mission trips to African and Asian countries and help host up to 4 Conferences every year in Hiroshima, where sincere seekers come from all over the world.
Are you or your loved one looking to find real Peace and Joy? Healing for your body or your mind ? Answers to problems with Finances, Relationships, Addictions, raising children ?

All the solutions are in God’s handbook for mankind, also known as the Holy Bible. Mimi has learnt many of these Life’s challenges through her own ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ and would like to help you find your victory, too.
Or are you inspired by her life and would like to be a part of really doing something significant with your God-given life? and talent?

Join her community and get ready for the adventure of your life as you help all kinds of people in great distress, here and abroad.

Please visit us for our weekly Sunday service, our regular conferences.

Do not be afraid-I am with you!
I am your God- Let nothing terrify you !
I will make you strong and help you: I will protect you and save you.

The Holy Bible Isaiah 41:10